Restaurantes FM

Interaction Designer -  January 2016 - April 2016
Long story short is a platform for restaurants and food business in Latin America that promotes the consumption of local products. Through this application, business owners can create their site and be part of a restaurants directory available to the users who can access through desktop browsers or their smartphones. My job was to design the registration flow for the new businesses, the administrator panel, and to show the list of restaurants that are near the user.

I worked with the development team and project manager from Muub, with Anna Zúñiga Co-founder and COO of and Jozué Morales the UI Designer. We had weekly meetings where we decided the project goals, we had brainstorming sessions and discussed the progress to be able to achieve the business goals of

How everything started

On December of 2015,  during one of my daily chats with Alejandro Figueroa (who is a Developer on Intuit), he invited me to talk with Marco Soto (CEO/PM on Muub) to collaborate with them on one of the projects they were planning to start very soon. It turned out that they needed someone to design a second version of; after a few talks with Marco and then the team we started working on the next month.

The map and the register form

One of my first tasks was to do a Heuristic Evaluation of the site to help myself to see what were the usability problems of the platform and where we could make improvements on this new version.

After that, I started to define the “search restaurant” flow; there were two ways of doing this: using the map and see the places that are nearby or see the list of restaurants and filter them by categories. After some sketches and iterations with the team, we designed the map with the restaurant's locations and how the user was going to interact with it.


After we finished with this new functionality, we continued defining and designing the registration flow for the new business/restaurants. Working beside with Anna, we detailed the requirements to create a new profile on the platform. The primary goal was to design a straightforward registration form, that is because restaurant owners had a lot of things to do and so little time for other tasks.

The flow proposed by the development team was composed of nine steps to create a new profile, and three pages to navigate and check their mail. This wasn’t effective for our target user. After a lot of sketches and two iterations we redesigned the flow, the new version was a wizard with only four steps asking for the minimum information to create an account, all on one page.


Step 1, Restaurant name


Step 2, Choose your restaurant category


Step 3, Restaurant Address


Step 4, Last step, contact information

The admin site

Another goal proposed for this new version was to create an Admin Panel for the restaurant owners and help them manage all their business information, their contact information, addresses, images, menus, etc. Again, this new feature needed to be easy to fill.

I sketched the admin site having in mind all the requirements, information, and tasks that the user should be able to do on this site. After a couple of days, we had a meeting where the business requirements were reduced, by that time we were short of time to finish the project. After a few iterations, I did a presentation of the admin site to the team; we focused on doing an easy way to capture and manage the restaurant menu, this is one most common pain for the restaurant’s owners, to maintain the menu prices and items updated.


After all the time and effort, we finally worked with Jozue on defining the UI style for the platform and admin site. The new version of was published to the public looking to be the number one website of restaurants in Latin America

I want to thank Marco, Alex, Arpad, Anna, and Jozué for giving me the opportunity to work with them, it was awesome to collaborate and be able to create a great tool for small business in our city (#tijuanamakesmehappy), and hopefully soon, business in other countries.

Final screens for Restaurantes.FM