Brackets Admin App

Product Designer - September 2017 - Present
User Research, Product Definition, Prototype with Framer and UI Design

It's February 2018; this is a work in progress, we have planned to launch this App in mid-March.


Brackets App’s mission is to facilitate a sports tournament administrator work and bring a better experience to the athlete. In the last months, we’ve had a significant impact on amateur athletes, but also a small-big problem with the tournament administrator; they never have enough time to upload the match results, and athletes need to wait a couple of days or maybe a week to see their match results or see an updated leaderboard.


The Tournament administrator is a human between 30 and 50 y/o who has a primary job; the tournament administration is usually their side project or hobby, that is why the administrator is short of time to manage an average of 8 categories in the tournament. The Admin has played sports since they were a kid and enjoys leading the competition and hanging out with the community.

When and Where?

We had interviews with the tournament administrators and asked them how they capture the results. After the meetings, we realized that the administrator needs a quicker way to upload the match results without a computer, they don’t have time to open a laptop, connect to the internet and start capturing each match in a quick break. The best time to upload the results and have the latest information in the app for the athletes is when a game ends, the administrator has a break of 5 to 10 minutes between matches.


Humberto (Brackets founder) and I had an "ideation and explore session", we started to come up with crazy ideas like capturing the results and stats in real time or a new web page with fewer options, but ultimately we settled on creating an iOS/Android Admin App for Brackets to tackle the lack of updated results in the platform and App. The Admin App was the best solution, which would have a significant impact on the issue and require regular effort to implement.


We defined the main user tasks of the Admin App:

  •  Open App
  •  Capture Security Code to access league (first time)
  • Login Screen (first time)
  • Category List (Select Category)
  • Match List (Select Match)
  • View Match details
  • Capture stats for one team
  • Capture stats for a team member

Here is a storyboard for the primary task when the user captures the game results after a match ends.


Storyboard of the primary task

Here are some final screens of the App.

1 Code Captured V2
2 Login V3 Show Password Off
3 Games List No resultados Profile V2
4 Game Screen V3
5 Team List Mockup
6 Playe Selected With Info V5
How do we know that the solution was successful?

We defined KPIs that will indicate the success of this design:

  • Be able to capture the results in less than 5 minutes (time available between matches).
  • A decrease in the lack of results and statistics by a 75% in the Brackets App.
  • The overall completion rate for a game day.
  • A decrease in messages and requests from athletes to the administrator.


What's next?

Right now (February 2018) I am defining the final details of the hi-fi mockups (iOS version) and then will start with the Android version.

We will test the application with the administrators to see if the design is the right approach to this problem. Humberto did all the backend development of the platform, and the iOS app is halfway through, Diego (Android developer) is working on the development of the Android version.